THE VORTEX COMPANY Burgundy/Maroon Square Tube Frame 4 Bow Pontoon/Deck Boat Bimini TOP 12' Long, 97-103" Wide



Laid Back Bimini Tops are made with the best marine fabric available. The fabric is marine polyester canvas that is treated and sealed in multiple ways. Specifically, it is double polyurethane coated on the bottom, or down side, as well as UV protected and mildew protected. Polyester and acrylic are very similar for bimini tops. Polyester has a very rich color and holds up to UV exposure very well. The support system/framework, it is made with 1″ square tube anodized aluminum. Anodizing is just a process that increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance of a metal. The fittings and hardware are all heavy duty nylon and stainless steel(mounting screws hooks, and eye straps). Installation is very easy for anyone with even moderate handyman type skills. It is a very easy 2 person job, with very very basic hand tools. A cordless drill, tape measure, screwdriver, pencil, etc. It is a 1 to 2 hour job…maybe a little less with a helper. Specifics for this top: Length of top: 12′ Width: easily fits width between mount points of 97-103″ Height: 54″ (when mounted to top of rails/gunwales, which averages 18-24″ high), makes for nice overall height from boat floor of 6 to 6 1/2 ft high. 5 year warranty on defects in materials, both for frame and for fabric.